Why The Future Bathroom Is Automated

Save time, effort and money with a BEAST. product subscription

Shopping for toiletries is one of those tasks that can be filed under the stuff no one tells you about being an adult. One day, you simply look in the bathroom cabinet and discover that the deodorant fairy does not, in fact, exist. Your options at this point are to skip that part of your grooming routine entirely (too risky), rush to the shops (too time-consuming) or vow to never let it happen again with a BEAST. subscription. 


We, of course, suggest the latter. Not just because we care about your personal hygiene, but because automating your washbag is the future, saving you both time, effort and money. What's not to like? From this week, with just one click you can choose to have any product on BEAST. – whether it's your favourite shower gel or your usual toothpaste – delivered directly to your door at intervals of every four, six or eight weeks, and you'll save up to 20% off the usual price in the process.


To make things even easier, we've also put together a handful of pre-made subscription boxes to get you started, or to give you a handy gift idea. Welcome to the future, we think you're going to like it here.


Four Men's Grooming Subscription Boxes To Try Right Now



Essentials Body and Hair Box

Though every guy has different issues, concerns and goals when it comes to his skin and hair, there are a handful of grooming products none of us can be without. These everyday bathroom heroes are what you’ll find inside the BEAST. Essentials Body and Hair Box. Heath’s Rescue Wash, which can be used on both hair and body, is an intense head-clearing formula that’ll kick-start your morning, while Bad Norwegian’s aluminium-free deodorant stick with menthol keeps the fresh feeling going all day (and night) long. Add to cart once, and you’ll never suffer a late-night trip to the supermarket again.



Essentials Beard Box

One of the easiest ways to show the world that you care about yourself and your appearance is to get your facial hair in order. But between dry skin, unwanted flyaways and errant Corn Flakes, the stuff sprouting out of your face can quickly conspire against you. The BEAST. Essentials Beard Box contains all you need for the perfect daily beard-care routine. Start with the basics by removing trapped-in dirt and unwanted odours with Bullfrog’s Beard Washing and Exfoliating Paste. When that’s done, rinse it out and replenish the hair’s natural oils while also caring for the skin underneath with Murdock’s deeply nourishing Beard Oil. The result: your beard, just better. 



Essentials Shaving Box

Although you’d be forgiven for not finding it the most exciting task, shaving is something a great deal of men do every day. Which means going through a lot of product. To ensure you’re never caught short at the sink, sign up to the BEAST. Essentials Shaving Box. Assuming you’re already armed with a high-quality razor, it features all the necessary companions for a close wet shave including SA.AL&CO’s subtly scented Shaving Cream and the all-important Post-Shave Balm from Heath. Both are loaded with skin-fortifying ingredients and essential vitamins to minimise irritation and stop razor rash.



Essentials Skincare Box

The biggest barrier to an effective grooming regime is complication; if it adds too long to your morning, you simply won’t do it. The BEAST. Essentials Skincare Box gets around this problem by combining two cult-favourites that together constitute an ideal no-fuss routine for the man on the move. For a flawless face without much effort, bookend the day with Heath’s exfoliating Face Wash, which contains black lava and activated charcoal to gently cleanse and clarify skin. Then follow up with the vitamin-rich Intense Moisturiser by SA.AL&CO to soothe and rebalance even the thirstiest of complexions.