The Grooming Gifts Every Man Wants This Christmas

Forget the gift receipt, he won't be returning any of these

Call it vanity, call it good self-care, call it whatever you like, but men are spending more time, effort and money on how they look. The good news is that means fresher faces and flyer fades. The bad news is that it also makes finding a grooming gift they don't already own even more difficult. If you don't know where to start, we've rounded up some of the best gift sets for men based on five common personalities. Whether you're buying for your best bud, your boss or your boyfriend, you can forget the gift receipt with the items on this list, he won't be returning any of them.


The Best Christmas Gifts For Men On BEAST.


The Aesthete

Some men are harder to shop for than others. In the case of an impossibly stylish man, finding something they don't already own can feel just that, impossible. The trick is to look a little further afield to rarer finds, such as BEAST.'s limited edition Grooming Box in collaboration with Esquire. Not only does it contain eight full-sized products worth over £200 from the likes of Baxter and Plant Apothecary, it also comes with a year's subscription to the magazine. That's Christmas, completed in a tick. 



The Yogi

It's handy to have someone in your life who always keeps the vibes chill. So it makes sense to treat them to the right gift for Christmas. For the balance-seeking, chakra-aligning yogi, there are plenty of self-care products on BEAST. including Allies Of Skin's Overnight Mask, which supercharges the skin's ability to repair itself. If they're a fan of natural products, Akt's deodorants make for an excellent stocking filler too, and smell exactly like a designer fragrance, just with half the price tag.



The City Boy

The city boy may be living his best life with endless pop-up cinemas and artisan beer, but too much time in the big smoke can result in a less-than-fresh face. Even if commuting to an actual desk job seems like a distant memory, air quality should still be factored into a grooming routine. This is where Grown Alchemist's Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser comes in. Loaded with a delicate blend of impurity-fighting botanicals, it's essentially a green juice for the face. Send a polite reminder to follow up with Heath's hardworking Hand Salve, and he'll be protected from everything pollution has to throw at him.



The Sporty One

Everyone has that one friend who loves working out more than life. CrossFit, spinning, boxing, you name it – if it involves getting sweaty, they're into it. Before you waste your money on getting them yet another resistance band, consider buying them a few grooming products to take on the heavy lifting in the bathroom. Eurosport's Active Skin range is designed precisely for that. We're particularly fond of the No Hands Muscle Release and Mineral Ice Muscle Ease, because no-one wants to wake up to DOMS on the big day.



The Outdoorsman

Who doesn't like the great outdoors? Whether it's hiking through the Himalayas or just taking the dog for a walk, fresh air is a great way to hit reset. But in winter, the hostile weather can wreak havoc on skin. For the wannabe woodsmen in your life, a heavy-duty moisturiser like Dr Barbara Sturm's Clarifying Face Cream is just as essential as a map and compass. If they have a beard (and let's face it, of course they do) a beard oil from the master barbers at Murdock prevents the hair from drying out and becoming brittle.