The Best Shower Gel And Body Wash For Every Type Of Skin

Guys, grab a loofah

Most us of like to think we’ve got this whole showering thing down. What you might not realise, though, is that your shower gel or body wash could be doing more harm than good. A bad shower gel will strip your skin of natural oils, degrade the acid mantle and even disrupt your epidermal barrier. Translation? You’ll feel tight, dry and probably start breaking out. The best shower gel will do the opposite, giving the same squeaky-clean feeling but also leaving you with softer, more supple skin that has a refreshing, masculine scent lingering on it. By happy chance, we have a few here at BEAST. So whether you’re looking for a shower gel for sensitive skin, acne or just everyday use, grab a loofah and try one of these.


Best Shower Gel For Everyday Use

Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash

Smells good, feels good, does good; there's very little not to like about Baxter of California's Invigorating Body Wash. Instead of harsh parabens and sulphates, the brand has built this plant-based formula around aloe vera, a hydrating extract with an endless list of soothing qualities. But the goodness doesn't stop there. Vitamin C also brightens dull skin, while citrus revs up microcirculation, helping to deliver oxygen to neglected areas. Enjoy the lather and leave the house with a masculine, your-smell-but-better scent. 


Best Shower Gel For Sensitive Skin

SA.AL & CO Hair & Body Wash

Shower gels are a bit of a nightmare for guys with sensitive skin, causing irritation, rashes and even keratosis pilaris (those annoying bumps on the back and upper arms). What you need is a product that is both gentle and nourishing, but also works to improve the skin's ability for natural protection. Infused with wheat proteins and amino acids, SA.AL & CO's Hair & Body Wash is so strengthening, there's not an inch of your body that won't benefit from it. 


Best Shower Gel For Dry Skin

Heath 'Rescue' Hair + Body Wash

Considering Heath only entered the grooming game in 2018, the father and son-run company has quickly become a bathroom favourite. And it's easy to see why. The brand's Rescue Hair & Body Wash contains a blend of natural extracts like anti-bacterial eucalyptus, anti-inflammatory rosemary and anti-microbial juniper, which all work to thoroughly cleanse the skin, while antioxidant green tea and amino acids infuse it with moisture. A real saviour in the winter months. 


Best Shower Gel For Smelling Good

Plant Apothecary Get It On Bodywash

There is no second-guessing why Plant Apothecary's 'Get It On' Bodywash was formulated. A natural shower gel without chemical additives, it's packed with sandalwood, ginger and cedar – all considered aphrodisiacs – making it nothing short of a date night necessity. Even better, the thick, honey-like consistency can also be used to create a rich, luxurious bubble bath to get you (and your partner) in the mood. 


Best Shower Gel For Acne

Triumph & Disaster YLF Wash

Pimples can pop up on your back, chest and even your butt, and be just as difficult to treat as facial acne. Fortunately, the right products can help. Triumph & Disaster's exfoliating YLF Wash uses marine collagen, organ oil and glycerine amp up hydration (clear, supple skin is crucial to combating breakouts) while rosewood, vitamin E and kawakawa remove dead skin and alleviate any flare-ups. 


Best Shower Gel For Sport

Eurosport No Hands Muscle Release

For the athletic type, an active shower gel - that is one where the ingredients are stimulated in water - helps to relieve lactic acid build-up and soothe tension from the dreaded DOMS. Mixing magnesium (an essential mineral in muscle replenishment) with natural extracts that all have anti-inflammatory properties, the No Hands Muscle Release by Eurosport is the perfect treat post-workout.