How To Bring A Sense Of Calm (And Order) To Your Bathroom

Sorry hoarders, but those half-empty creams have got to go

Right now, we're all spending a bit more time at home, so our minds have inevitably turned inwards (quite literally) to our interiors. Why do we have all this stuff? What does it actually do? And why does it smell like that? No place raises such questions like the bathroom. Whether it's dodgy products past their preservation date, too much of something you don't use or puffed-up packaging hogging all the shelf space, having a clear-out can help bring a sense of calm to your shower space, or just make room for a few new buys. Ready to be ruthless? These are our top tips to streamline your skincare and condense your cabinet.



Streamline Your Routine 

Skincare isn't all that complicated. All you really need is a regimen that covers the basics—cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to add a nightly retinol to hold off early signs of ageing or a skin-friendly serum to address redness, but let's try to walk before we run while wearing a Korean sheet mask. The simple rule is this: if you use it regularly (at least once a month), then find a space on your shelf. If not, to the bin it goes. 



Make Sure The Function Fits

We all make mistakes, and that's okay. But knowingly using the wrong product for your skin type is where we draw the line. Applying an oil control face wash to an already dry dermis, for example, won't just fail to get you results, it can also cause irritation and other face-based issues such as acne. Ensure everything in your bathroom cupboard is fit for purpose and contains the right skincare ingredients to help you put your best face forward. 



Check The Dates 

Much like the suspicious-looking sandwich at the back of the office fridge, your moisturiser has a shelf life. Somewhere on every grooming product is a small icon that looks like an open jar with a number inside. This is the maximum number of months you should use it for once opened. When a product goes beyond this, it not only stops working, but it can also do more harm than good as bacteria begins to grow. If you can't remember when you started using it, examine the colour of the product – most become darker after expiring due to oxidisation. When it doubt, throw it out.



Organise The Chaos 

Gels, creams, waxes, sprays, oils, balms, powders – there's an endless number of products out there to help you control your face and the stuff that grows out of it. For this reason, it pays to organise in layers based on usage frequency. Ensure products you apply every day are easily reached, and those that are for weekly or monthly maintenance remain on the higher shelves. Reassess this twice a year when the season changes and your grooming routine needs to follow suit.



Use Multi-Tasking Products 

If you live in an overcrowded city such as London, chances are bathroom space is at a premium. This is where products that do more than one job come in. A cleanser that also exfoliates? Great. A shampoo that leaves you clean from top-to-toe? Perfect. A face mask that doubles up as a shaving balm? We'll take two. Not only are multi-tasking products convenient, but they also declutter your shelves and lightening the load in your gym bag. Check out Allies of Skin, a brand famous for its easy, dual-purpose formulas.