The Skincare Ingredients That Should Be In Every Man's Grooming Kit

Do your face a favour and learn these six must-haves

Adding a new skincare product to your routine can be a minefield. It's easy to fall for a great campaign, glossy packaging or slick slogan, only to get home and find out that what's inside the tub is nothing more than expensive yoghurt. The real focus of any formula should be the active ingredients – those addressing whatever skin concern it's meant to target. The better the ingredients, the better your results. Simple. So with that in mind, here are six of the best skincare ingredients to stock your sink ledge with, and what they do.




If handsome was bottled, we're pretty sure it would have niacinamide in it. One of the most versatile and potent ingredients on the market, this form of vitamin B3 reduces inflammation, oil production and pore visibility, all while strengthening the skin's barrier and preventing moisture loss. It's for everyone and every skin type, so there's little chance of going wrong. Pick a serum with it in — The Grey's Recovery Serum is our choice — and don't look back. 




Hailed by dermatologists as a miracle ingredient, retinol has become the sovereign of skincare thanks to its ability to increase cell turnover. In non-science speak, that means a complexion with fewer wrinkles, fewer spots and less pigmentation. Sound too good to be true? It's not, but don't just dunk your face in a vat of the stuff. The vitamin A derivative requires a gradual introduction to your routine, otherwise it can cause sensitivity issues. A solid start is the Allies of Skin Overnight Mask, which resurfaces and repairs to equal effect. 



Botanical Extracts 

With an entire category of the grooming industry dedicated to 'green' products, it's hard to ignore the power of plants. The extracts of just one nut, seed, fruit or flower alone can contain hundreds of phytonutrients, each contributing to your skin in some way. Centella asiatica (a medicinal herb from Asia) is big right now and hosts a rich blend of amino acids that soothe stressed skin, while botanicals like eucalyptus, camomile and green tea have long been used to address a range of concerns from redness to acne. 




No matter how rigorous your nighttime routine, truly flawless skin is an inside job. Known for their nourishing benefits, antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E also brighten, fortify and protect against environmental aggressors such as UV damage and pollution. If you're not ready to slap on the whole alphabet, the skin-saving abilities of vitamin C (AKA ascorbic acid) aren't limited to its antioxidant status. Try it in the Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner, which uses a water-soluble that saturates deep into the dermis. 



Hyaluronic Acid 

If you are into skincare, chances are you already know what this is. An ingredient naturally found within the body, hyaluronic acid (not an acid, confusingly) is a humectant that can draw up to a 1,000 time its own weight in water into the skin. What does that mean? A face that appears plumped and hydrated, that's what. It can be found in serums, boosters, gels and creams, but the Eye Serum from Heath might just be the best use of it yet. 




If antioxidants are a green juice for your face, then acids are a laxative shake (wait, where are you going?) Designed to get rid of all the nasty stuff your body doesn't want, they work to dissolve dead cells, bacteria and sebum to reveal fresh, blemish-free skin. Acids can be separated into two groups: alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic, lactic, mandelic and citric, which are good for resurfacing rough texture, while salicylic (a beta hydroxy acid) is ideal for banishing blemishes. Turn to these when you quick results, which is precisely what Eurosport's Minute Miracle Mask promises.