6 Grooming Products To Speed Up Your Workout Recovery

The soaps and supplements that’ll give you a post-gym ‘lift’

Let's face it, if you've just run three miles to the gym to complete a workout routine called something like 'KettleHell Armageddon' or 'The Spartan Crusher', a bit of moisturiser is not going to be the thing that saves you. A few carefully selected grooming products can, however, take on the heavy lifting when it comes to the recovery phase of your training - when your energy stores are depleted, your muscles are broken down, and your body is fatigued. So before you rinse off and rush out next time, consider slipping these six into your gym bag.


Grooming Products To Speed Up Your Post-Workout Recovery


Unless you get your gains in a posh member's club, the cheap body wash chained to the shower wall isn't going to do you any favours. To kickstart your recovery, you first need to turn down your internal thermostat. Murdock's Charcoal Soap contains peppermint, which not only stops you sweating through your work shirt, but has been found to soothe muscle pain while also aiding relaxation and reducing fatigue.



If you woke up stiff as a board from yesterday's spin class, it's proof you put in serious work, and your body is feeling it. Still, that doesn't make the DOMS any easier to deal with. If you don't want to shell out for a sports massage, try Eurosport's Mineral Ice Muscle Ease. Formulated with input from athletes and coaching staff, it contains a host of ache-easing actives that pair well with a foam roller. Scented candles optional.



Much like your muscles, your hands are in a fragile state post-workout. Whether you've been wrangling with the rope machine or taking on Olympic lifts, calloused palms are one of the unwelcome physical effects of working out. To ensure they don't hinder your technique, reach for a tube of Heath's hydrating Hand Salve and apply it right after showering up to twice a day to significantly reduce roughness.



You probably know by now that, when we workout, we cause tiny tears in our muscle tissue. That's what's behind the next-day hurts-so-good soreness. Instead of dealing with heavy arms by popping an anti-inflammatory (which some studies have suggested could slow the healing process), consider taking a natural supplement. The Recovery Capsules by Innermost combine six active ingredients – including maca, selenium and ubiquinone CoQ10 – to support muscle recovery, so you can keep on crushing leg day.



For many athletes, the most challenging part of recovering is regaining the energy (and willpower) to run, jump, or squat again the next day. If you're feeling drained by one too many deadlifts, rip open a pack of Patchology's Energy Supplement Strips. A single tab is loaded with 25 mg of caffeine, 0.5 mg of green leaf tea extract and 25 mcg of vitamin D3. All of which add up to the perfect post-gym 'lift'.



Ask any PT worth their protein powder and they will tell you that drinking water is key to your recovery, but the wet stuff can also be effective from the outside. If the idea of an ice bath sends shivers down your spine, don't panic. A soak in warm water helps increase blood flow around the body, aiding tissue flexibility and reducing muscle soreness. Throw in a handful of Apothem's CBD-infused Bath Salts, and DOMS will be a distant memory.