Introducing: Eurosport Active Skin

Athlete-approved skincare that guarantees results

Ask any personal trainer worth their salt-filled sweat and they'll tell you that there's more to sporting success than hard hours in the gym. What you do both before and after is just as important if you want to gain an edge over your competition. And that includes your grooming routine. So it makes perfect sense that the team behind Eurosport – the number one sports destination in Europe – has launched a grooming line that combines the expert knowledge of coaching staff with state of the art skincare development. New and exclusive to BEAST., Eurosport Active Skin includes 12 quick and easy-to-use products split into three categories: skin, shower and sport, each tested on world-class athletes and loaded with natural active ingredients housed inside biodegradable packaging. Whether you sweat as a professional obligation or are an armchair athlete, here's what you should have in your kit.



Eurosport Active Skin: Face

Living an active lifestyle shouldn't mean that you have to sacrifice your skin. However, whatever sport you play, chances are it exposes you to a combination of aggressors such as sun, sweat, dirt, cuts, chlorine, wind or heat. Eurosport's vitamin and antioxidant-rich face products help mitigate the effects these have; such as the brand's Cleansing Gel, which is loaded with vitamin C to simultaneously reduce breakouts caused by sweat and protect against the sun's UV rays and pollution. Use this before and after a workout and follow up with the Multi-tasking Moisturiser, a formula that contains just about every gold medal skincare ingredient out there including hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C and E. If you need to seamlessly transition from bench press to boardroom, the Minute Miracle Mask does exactly what it says on the biopolymer tube, working to exfoliate, detox and purify the skin in just 60 seconds. And for when you need to power through fatigue, the Good Night's Sleep Eye Cream reduces dark circles and fine lines faster than Usain Bolt after a double espresso.



Eurosport Active Skin: Shower

Athletes usually shower. A lot. And while this is good news for everyone around them, it's often a different story for their skin, which can feel robbed of essential moisture. Even if the No Sweat Deodorant makes it feel like you could skip the post-run rinse, we wouldn't advise it. Instead, lather up with Eurosport's Full Body Wash, which is made using skin-friendly natural ingredients like maca root and spearmint to lift away even dried sweat. If you still feel like you're not clean enough, the Conditioning Shampoo Bar takes care of dirt and excess oil, but unlike bog-standard shampoos, has been created without the harsh chemicals that can damage the scalp's delicate lipid barrier. Finally, make the most of rest days and indulge in a bit of #selfcare with the No Hands Muscle Release. Essentially a sports massage in a bottle that can be used in the bath or shower, the anti-inflammatory formula relieves aching muscles, so you're ready to smash your PB all over again tomorrow.

Eurosport Active Skin: Sports

It's highly unlikely that you're going to be looking your best immediately after stepping off the sports field. However, there are some heavy-lifting grooming products that can make sure you don't stray too far. Take sweat. While it's a satisfying sign of a proper workout, when mixed with bacteria and friction, it becomes a recipe for rashes and redness. Eurosport's innovative Nether Regions Chamois Cream uses nut grass extract to keep you fresh in usually swampy areas and prevent unpleasant chafing. If, on the other hand, the problem is not being too damp, but too dry, the Extremities Barrier Balm can be used to protect limbs exposed to cold air from getting chapped and sore as you wiz by. Unsurprisingly for a brand that was developed with input from professionals, the Sports range also includes two heat therapies – a Thermal Embrocation Balm to get muscles moving on even the coldest of mornings, and a Mineral Ice Muscle Ease to reduce the threat of injuries like cramps, spasms and inflammation after the final whistle.