5 Grooming Tasks To Tick-Off For The End Of Lockdown

Your roadmap for heading back out into the wild

March 23rd, 2020 – the day the UK entered its first full national lockdown. With the exception of a brief summer, it's been nearly a full year of Amazon deliveries, Zoom calls and banana bread. And a long year at that.

Interestingly, lockdown 1.0 began with a grooming practice that's been popular for decades among those in solitary confinement – the head shave. However, that is where our grooming started and stopped. Since then, it has been a test of how unkempt you can become until the webcam needs to be turned off.

Now that there is finally light at the end, you don't want to come out of the tunnel looking like some hairy indoor mole person. Here a few post-lockdown grooming tasks you can do to shape up and step into the new world.


5 Grooming Tasks To Tick-Off For The End of Lockdown


Fix Yourself A Facial 

You'd be a rare man if boredom hasn't led you to stare in the mirror, slowly repelled by the size and prevalence of your pores during lockdown. For this reason, a facial should be first on the to-do list when freedom hits. Or, for a more feasible fix, try Allies of Skin Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial. It reduces oil production, blackheads and inflammation through its microbiome balancing formula. Essentially making your face fit for public display once more.



Book In A Trim

Thanks to some bat somewhere, plenty of guys can now say they've had time to discover what they look like without hair. (The answer is often not good.) On the flip side, plenty of guys have used the opportunity to discover what they look like if they let their hair grow free. (The answer, again, is often not good.) Though we're all for experimentation, it's best done at the hands of an expert. So book yourself back into the chair and if you want to switch things up, try swapping from a matte to a shiny styling product.



Time For Some Spring Cleaning 

While your loungewear may also have to be thrown out after seeing some heavy action in the last year, it's your body that likely needs some serious cleansing. Movement has been minimal, nutrition has been poor, and alcohol sales have hit record highs. No judgement here, but a detox supplement might help you start afresh by flushing out any residual toxins. Load Innermost's Detox Booster into your shake to speed along the process and reset your gut with its blend of 10 superfoods. 



Trim The Rest Of You

Just as shaving our heads became a spiritual practice in lockdown 1.0, growing out facial hair like a quiet rebellion this time around. While this is easily remedied with a visit to the barbers, there may be other areas suffering from the caveman mentality best taken care of at home. Grab a razor – we recommend Harry's Truman model for the rubberised handle – a bit of Murdock Shave Cream for easy gliding, and Heath's Post Shave Repair to prevent any pesky irritations. 



Scrutinise Your Skincare 

Sometimes all we need is right in front of us all along. And sometimes, it is not. Take a look at your skin. Is it healthy? Clear? Glowing like a slab of Grecian marble? If the answer is no, then what you've been half-heartedly slathering on since Lockdown 3.0 is probably not working for you. Toss anything not worthy of its shelf space and make room for something new, like The Grey's Recovery Serum, which uses a blend of antioxidants to bring your face back to life after a long hibernation.