Every Artist To Add To Your Spotify Right Now

You can thank us after your next dinner party

Along with Netflix, Spotify is one of those inventions that has revolutionised the way we consume media. With over one million artists' back catalogues, 180 million active listeners and over five million playlists made or edited every single day, it's quickly become the default way we listen to music. But herein lies a problem. The sheer variety can be overwhelming, leaving many stuck on what to stream or which direction to let their musical instincts take them. Don't worry. Not content with just being arbiters of handsome men's grooming products, BEAST. has dived deep into the musical talent pool to come up with five artists to add to your rotation right now.



One of a new wave of R&B artists taking the genre back to its slower, more soul-inflected roots, SiR is one to watch. His latest album, Chasing Summer, begins with the headline track Hair Down (featuring Kendrick Lamar), and steadily builds momentum from there. We haven't had much of a summer, but one listen of this will take you straight back to those hazy nights when nothing seemed to matter other than having a good time. 



Wilma Archer

On first listen of A Western Circular, the soaring new album by Wilma Archer, you'd hardly think it was his first solo effort. A highly accomplished collection of tracks, it delves into the Newcastle born artist's vast musical skillset (he plays most of the instruments on the album). A Western Circular is perfect background music, or alternatively, is ideal when a bit of calm introspection is in order. 




There are not many albums that reflect the current state of the world as well as Ghostpoet's latest: I Grow Tired But Dare Not Sleep. If the title makes it sound profound, that's because it is. The London wordsmith's work tackles a number of issues including immigration, race, panic and the rise of far-right politics. If you've been struggling to enjoy 2020, this album won't overcome you with joy, but it will help put things into perspective in a way you perhaps didn't consider.  



Rich Brian

One of several viral artists signed to 88rising, a rap collective providing an outlet for Asian performers, Rich Brian has gone from zero to one-hundred pretty quickly. The video for his debut single, Dat $tick, dropped when he was just 16 and has since amassed 160 million views – it's worth a watch for the bum bag alone – but his music and (thankfully) his style has moved on somewhat since then.  



Orlando Weeks

Lead singer of The Maccabees, who split at the top of their game back in 2017, Orlando Weeks (pictured above) ventured solo this year with new album A Quickening. Remnants of The Maccabees sound can be found here, but Weeks has gone in a softer direction, making use of his haunting voice and subtle melodies to excellent effect. Put this on when you want to relax after a hard days' work-from-home.