Six Shampoos That Hold The Secret To Good Hair

Stop overlooking your haircare right now

Long gone are the days where we'd mindlessly smear a dollop of whatever's affixed to the gym shower wall on our heads. Today, men know that the secret to great hair is using the best shampoo possible. And as we've come to expect more than a simple rinse and repeat, brands have had to step up their game too. All of which means you can now pick up professional-grade formulations just as easily as you can order your favourite pizza. Flaky hair, thinning hair, hair that's done a runner altogether - there's no want or need the haircare experts haven't answered. Here is our rundown of the best on BEAST. that are a cut above the rest.


Six Of The Best Shampoos For Men


Eurosport Conditioning Shampoo Bar

It would be enough for Eurosport's small but mighty shampoo bar to be a reigning champ of a gym-bag product, but it's also zero-plastic and zero-waste, making it one hell of a green bathroom forerunner too. Inside its earth-friendly exterior, you'll find a power team of healthy seed oils and argan oil, along with cleansing refreshers grapefruit and spearmint. Plus, the lesser spoken benefit of using a bar cleanser is the scalp massage and exfoliation that comes with it – stimulation that's paramount to maintaining healthy follicles and encouraging cell turnover and strong hair growth.   




Triumph & Disaster Shampoo

Triumph by name, Triumph by nature. There's absolutely no disaster to be had with this turbo-charged, all-natural formula. The plainly named product packs just about every active ingredient you need for good locks, like haircare king keratin, skin-loving vitamin E all the Omega good stuff (3, 6 and 9). It's basically one big super-supplement that's looking out for your hair. The fact that it's spiked with notes of peppermint and Tazman Pepper (which also helps treat sensitivity) is simply a bonus.




Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Shampoo

As Baxter of California's unique "Strengthening System" suggests, this is not just your average shampoo. The real genius comes from its ability to rid your hair of excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the pesky hormone that causes the hair follicles on your head to shrink and even stop producing healthy hairs altogether. Expect to see near-instant results in the form of boosted volume and shine. It doesn't hurt that it looks as handsome in the bathroom as you'll feel either. 




Recipe For Men Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Unlike most anti-dandruff shampoos on the market, Swedish import Recipe for Men goes beyond merely treating the symptoms once they arrive, instead targeting the root cause. Drawing on peppermint oil to neutralise pH imbalances that lead to dryness and itching, along with an anti-fungal compound to nix the yeast that causes the flaky stuff, it's a fool-proof formulation that belongs in every bathroom. You'll never have to worry about sporting shoulder snowfall again.




Heath 'Rescue' Hair + Body Wash

Heath's Hair + Body duo wash is another stand-out post-workout wash. Loaded with heady aromatics eucalyptus and pine needle, juniper berry and rosemary, it's like a crisp walk across a Scandinavian forest or a zingy G&T - whichever floats your bath toy boat.  But the good stuff doesn't stop there. Trusty gym-buddy amino acid creatine is hard at work, smoothing hair's appearance while antioxidant-rich green tea fights pollutants. If that's still not enough to snap you to life in the morning, there's a dose of caffeine and ginseng in there too which will awaken the scalp as much as they do you.




Bullfrog Purifying Detoxifying Shampoo

We get it, you want your hair to look it's best every time you step out of the door. But if you're a daily user of pastes, muds, gels or styling sprays, you'll also want to arm yourself with a bottle of Bullfrog's Purifying Detoxifying Shampoo. Don't be deceived by its creamy consistency or natural ingredients, it's designed specifically to remove build-up that can cause unnecessary oil and congestion, with herbaceous heavy-hitters like lavender and thyme. This is quality clean-making at its best.