Grooming For Gold: The Best Products For Triathletes

Set a bathroom PB with Active Skin by Eurosport

No-one understands performance quite like Eurosport. Europe's go-to destination for all things athletic, it covers more than 120 sports, across 54 countries, in 20 different languages. So thank the grooming gods that, at last, it has tapped into its global bank of players, professionals and pundits to launch Active Skin – a line of products designed specifically for an active lifestyle. The twelve-strong range, new and exclusive to BEAST., has been built to the highest level of sweat-inducing spec with biodegradable ingredients, natural actives and essential vitamins and minerals. Keen to put it to the test, we consulted one of the most gruelling endurance tests out there, the triathlon. Whether you swim, sprint or cycle, these are the products that will feel like a set of helping hands pushing you forward every bit of the way.


The Best Grooming Products For Triathletes With Eurosport Active Skin



Despite being surrounded by the blue stuff, the number one grooming complaint from professional swimmers is dehydration. Whether it's ice-cold open-water, hours spent in a dank wetsuit or chlorinated pools, all have the potential to strip away essential moisture, leaving skin feeling parched. To dip in and out of your swimming schedule with the least damage, prep and preserve your face with the Multi-tasking Moisturiser. It contains hyaluronic acid which does not readily dissolve in water, allowing it to create a robust protective layer, and let the Extremities Barrier Balm do the same for your body. Post-plunge, focus on rebalancing and restoring your skin's delicate lipid layer with as many vitamins as you can get your prune-fingered hands on. We recommend Eurosport's trio of antioxidant-rich washes: the Conditioning Shampoo Bar, Full Body Wash and Vitamin C Cleanser

 Eurosport triathlon swimming



If you've heard of 'runners' face', then you'll know that for all the good legging it does for your body, it can be less kind to your appearance. The very movement of running damages the connecting tissue beneath the dermis, which is particularly bad news for the delicate skin around your eyes. Strengthen and support the area with the Good Night's Sleep Eye Cream. Next up – endurance, and that means nipples, because nothing is going to impede your distance more than discomfort. Swap petroleum jelly for Eurosport's miles better Extremities Barrier Balm, which also benefits from anti-stress oils that ensure you keep a clear head. Finally, give your weary muscles and their recovery a helping hand with the No Hands Muscle Release. Whether you hit the showers or opt for a soak, the cooling mix of arnica, magnesium and black spruce oil can be used to replenish minerals and reduce inflammation. You'll be back out pounding the pavements in no time.

 Eurosport triathlon running



Cycling is many people's sweat-maker of choice because it works most of the major muscle groups in the body. However, that also means more areas of concern to address. No time for a warm-up? Eurosport's Thermal Therapy Embrocation Balm gives muscles a head start by using chilli extract and wintergreen essential oil to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injury. After you cross the finish line, switch to the Mineral Ice Muscle Ease which works in reverse, utilising cooling agents to reduce the body's temperature and back peddle on any damage done to limbs. Of course, neither of those will put the brakes on chafing. Fortunately, the Nether Regions Chamois Cream will. One several cutting edge formulas in the Active Skin 'Sport' category, apply the non-sticky product to friction-prone areas to ensure nothing comes between you and a personal best.

Eurosport triathlon cycling