The 6 Best Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Plug in, chill out

Like with many things in life — films, craft beer, moisturisers — there are numerous options to pick from when it comes to podcasts. An overwhelming amount of options, in fact. At last count, there were roughly 850,000 active podcasts in circulation, meaning there’s one for every mood, interest and niche hobby going. You want the best though, and let’s face it, nobody wants to waste precious silence listening to a big dull dud. Good job we’ve done the hard work for you then. Here are six of the best podcasts for men.


The 6 Best Podcasts To Listen To Right Now


99 Percent Invisible   

Essentially a podcast about design, 99 Percent Invisible looks at the nuances of engineering in extraordinary detail. There are whole segments dedicated to post-Narco urbanism, skate parks, housing issues and all things architecture. Each episode is a mini-story, giving insight via expert interviewees and enticing tidbits from creator and host Roman Mars, who delivers his speech in an engaging, approachable style. If you have any interest in design or just fancy an escape into the minutiae of the modern world, 99 Percent Invisible is for you. 


Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.




Renegades: Born in the USA 

Former President Barack Obama and singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen hosting a podcast. That’s all you need to know, right? The two unlikely icons might seem an unusual choice to co-host a show, but they’ve got more in common than you might think. Together they delve deep into a number of topical issues facing America today. Each episode takes a theme, with one focusing on the making of their friendship and another on their experience with race and how we can move forward as a people. 


Available on Spotify. 



Time to Talk with Alex Holmes 

The past year hasn’t been easy. For all its faults, the pandemic has forced the conversation on mental health and wellbeing, with many turning to others for help. There are apps, shows and, of course, professionals, should you be in need. But one easy way to gain a bit of insight and perspective is podcasts — specifically, Time to Talk with Alex Holmes. A mental health coach and author, Alex dials in on a specific theme in each episode, discussing topics such as dealing with trauma, mindfulness and masculinity. There are plenty of lessons to learn and things to be inspired by here. 


Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


The Best Podcasts For Men - Time to Talk with Alex Holmes


Script Apart 

Slightly more niche, but arguably the most engrossing, Script Apart focuses exclusively on screenplays. Hosted by journalist Al Horner, each episode features a leading scriptwriter, with the two dissecting a particular project and how it came to fruition. Episode 6, for example, features Barry Jenkins, who explains how his Oscar-winning Moonlight was written in a Belgian bar. And then there’s episode 20 with William Wisher — one of the co-writers of Terminator 2 — who takes the listener through the making of one of the most iconic films ever. Each episode offers an incredibly insightful look into screenwriting and what it takes to get an idea off the ground. 


Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.




The High Performance Podcast 

If you’re lacking motivation and fancy being spurred on by some of the world’s most exceptional performers, look no further than The High Performance Podcast. BT Sport anchor Jake Humphrey and author and professor Damian Hughes chat to athletes from a wide array of sports, as well as actors and coaches, getting to the bottom of their respective achievements and what it took to get there. The podcast takes a personal approach, with up-close looks at training habits, mistakes made and the lessons we can all learn from them. 


Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.




Grounded with Louis Theroux 

Louis Theroux isn’t shy of an interview. He’s made a career out of awkwardly travelling the globe and asking people from all walks of life questions in his trademark child-like manner. But Covid-19 has stifled his travel, so he’s started a podcast doing what he does best instead. Louis chats to several high-profile figures, including I May Destroy You creator Michaela Coel, comedian Frankie Boyle and singer FKA Twigs, who reveal the secrets to their success as well as some of the hardships they’ve faced. 


Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and BBC Sounds.