The Best Home Workouts For Getting (And Staying) Fit

Ready to raise your pulse?

We get it, your home is your safe space, your comfort zone. It’s where you relax, slap on a face mask and binge-watch boxsets. The last thing you want to do is turn your living room into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s garage. But with gyms closed and summer just months away, we’re all having to get creative with our gains, and that means exercising at home. Fortunately, you don’t need to trade in your sofa for a weights bench to get (or stay) fit. All you need is a bit of space, a stable Wi-Fi connection and one of these five home workout and fitness apps. Ready to raise your pulse? Let’s get going.


The Best Home Workout And Fitness Apps



There are home workouts, and then there are Grndhouse home workouts. The difference? This strength training platform was founded by no less than five former Barry’s Bootcamp sadists – sorry, instructors – so you know what you’re getting into. There’s a weekly programme of eight classes targeting different muscle groups, finishing with the ‘Grndhouse Hustle’, a tough live class led by all the instructors. Grab your weights and prepare to sweat buckets. 


Free for 7 days then from £20 per month.



Nike Training Club

For endorphins on demand, it doesn’t get much better (or more affordable) than the Nike Training Club. Billed as the ultimate exercise partner, the sports giant recently made all 185+ of its workouts free, giving you access to an all-star squad of trainers and Nike ambassadors like Cristiano Ronaldo. Choose from class-style, whiteboard or multi-week programmes, and stay on track with expert nutrition and wellness guidance. A pocket-sized personal trainer for less than a cheeseburger? Seems like an obvious choice.



Nike Training Club The Best Home Workout And Fitness Apps



There are few guys who haven’t considered diverting the funds for next month’s rent towards a Peloton bike during lockdown. Sadly, they’re not that comfortable to sleep on, but you can still access the brand’s A-class catalogue of instructors with the Peloton app. If you’re not a fan of spinning, there’s also running, yoga, cycling and bootcamp classes on offer anytime, anywhere. And for competitive types, there’s the option to go live and pit yourself against other members from around the world.


Free for 30 days then £12.99 per month.




If you want to be as strong as Thor, then you need to train like the man who plays him. Before you tell us you can’t afford the Hollywood PT, let us introduce you to Centr: the fitness app developed by Chris Hemsworth in collaboration with his team of trainers, health experts and nutritionists. Though it’s customisable to every level of fitness, it’s quite the commitment when paired with the meal plans, but the results are worth it.


Free for 7 days then from £7.83 per month.

Chris Hemsworth Centr Nike Training Club The Best Home Workout And Fitness Apps


Sweat At Home by BXR

Boxing without gloves, or even a punchbag, may sound like it shouldn’t work, but try saying that after going a few (virtual) rounds with the trainers at BXR. The London gym visited by heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua is currently running daily Zoom classes covering everything from sparring skills to strength and conditioning. Sign up for a free taster class using the code ‘ATHOME’ and get ready to hit the floor.


£5 per class or five for £20.



Main image: Pumping Iron (1977).