Six Grooming Brands To Know Right Now

Because when it comes to your bathroom cabinet, quality trumps quantity every time

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: when it comes to grooming, quality trumps quantity every time. The trouble is, when faced with the aisles (and aisles, and aisles) of products available today, it can be hard to separate the well-marketed snake oil from the high-end serums. To make sure the odds are always in your favour, you won't find anything less than worthy of a place in your wash bag on BEAST. Which is why we've pulled together six of our favourite skin and hair care brands that you can confidently add to your rotation next time you're in need of a restock.


Back in the middle ages, it wasn't uncommon for barbers to perform a range of services including surgery and dentistry. While we might not trust today's chop shops to do the same, we'll happily take their advice on which products belong in a man's wash bag. Founded by Italian scissorsmith Romano Brida, Bullfrog offers a range of hair, skin, and shave essentials. We're particularly fond of the Agnostico All-In-One Balm for hair, which also appeared in our grooming box collaboration with Esquire Magazine. 



The latest innovations in grooming aren't always about what you can add, but what you can take away. SA.AL&CO's potent vegan formulas swap chemical nasties such as sulphates and parabens in favour of effective natural ingredients like alpine spring water, skin-softening shea butter and macadamia nut oil. The brand's deodorant also does away with aluminium, a common cause of pit stains, so your white tees stay looking as fresh as you smell. 

Allies Of Skin

Whoever said perfect skin can't be bought clearly didn't know where to look. Developed on the philosophy that the products should do the hard work for you and not the other way round, Allies Of Skin focuses on encouraging rejuvenation at a cellular level. Case in point, the brand's Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial, which is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that allow you to (quite literally) tackle problematic skin in your sleep. 

Baxter of California

For years, you could only get that down-to-the-pore clean feeling by visiting a spa. These days, you can experience it more frequently than every six months, thanks to Baxter of California. The brainchild of former ad executive Baxter Finley, the brand's handsomely packaged products couple scientific formulas with high-quality natural ingredients. The result is a your-skin-but-better finish that's hard to argue with.


Triumph & Disaster

A brand needs to do more than just clean your skin or make your hair feel soft – it should also look good on the bathroom shelf. Triumph & Disaster is the modern man's answer to traditional grooming. Housed inside Instagram-worthy apothecary-style packaging are formulations that pull on ingredients native to the brand's New Zealand home like horopito oil, kawakawa extract and ponga fern, each complemented by a signature scent.



Made in England, father and son-run company Heath is everything a modern man could want from a grooming brand: effective, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and, above all, thoughtfully priced. Formulated with new-generation actives derived from botanical extracts, the brand’s refreshing eye roll-on practically eats dark circles for breakfast while the cream shave, with its blend of nine soft and hard soaps, makes taking a razor to your face, dare we say, actually enjoyable.